Kind Words and Reviews

“Cher-yl has a profound and rare connection with the nature spirits. Her photos are radiant and give a special insight into the beings that share our world. My deepest thanks for a glimpse at what few are able to see.”
Maryann, NY, Reiki Master/Teacher,
Herbalist, Order of Melchizedek

“Cher-yl’s talents are reflected in every page of the book from the photos, the experiences, deeply connecting with the Divine Energy, and most of all receiving beautiful messages. I have received many personal messages through Cher-yl that have helped me through difficult emotional times... Relating to trees has also been a part of my existence and the book brings back the many hours of communication…reading and rereading this book has sparked memories and experiences that are cherished for their knowledge and depth.”
Anne, AZ, Reiki Master, Rising Star Teacher,
More Truth Will Set You Free Facilitator

“... The photos captured my attention and already having a ‘knowing’ of the powerful energy this area has, they confirmed the feelings I have experienced. I love Cher-yl’s writing style... the book was inspiring, put me right there in the experience, and encouraged me to find these locations to experience on my own. I relate to her connection with nature and feel as though she, from her writing is a liked-minded friend.”
Teal S., Clarkdale, AZ, Artist, Intuitive

“Your book brought me back to that connection I used to have with nature. It was just what I needed. Thank you.”
LM, New York, Reiki Master, acupuncturist

“I have loved reading your orb book - it is truly precious. I know I will be reading it again and always getting something more out of it- and of course the photos are so wonderful! So is the writing – thanks.”
J, AZ, author