Orbs, Lights & Clouds, Experiences with Nature

by Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

In her book, Orbs, Lights & Clouds, Experiences with Nature, Cher-yl shares her unusual photographs and her experiences that happened at the time she took them. Her spiritual journey draws the reader into their own connection with the Spirit of Nature encouraging awakenings to the mysterious hidden world all around us. Many of us have had experiences with the world of nature, which are challenging to explain even to ourselves.

Personal Comments by Cher-yl

If Nature were a friend of yours how would you spend your time?....Even getting lost ... can be an adventure... hiking to sacred and energetic sites in Sedona, AZ , I would sense a strong peaceful feeling that seemed to keep me captivated in one spot.

Violet Light

The first photograph in the book captures Violet light along a trail that ended up being right below the sacred spot I was actually searching for. The second photograph, The Violet Flame Rock, was taken during an intense energy awareness experience. I did not notice this fantastic energetic image in my camera until a month after taking it. I feel that this photograph holds a healing energy that anyone can access while connecting with it.

Orbs and Portals

Plant orbs are found in various places in my second chapter. Here you’ll find a beautiful blue planet shaped orb held in a tree that called to me, a green orb hiding within an Ocotillo cactus just below a cave’s entrance, photos of me connecting with the profound energy I felt building right behind me, and others captured in sites where messages came along with sensations… like ‘That’s a Portal!’ You’ll have to read the book to learn more.

Many More Adventures

More adventures and energetic experiences are shared in the chapter on Mt. Shasta. You’ll enjoy these and may even be inspired to travel to this area if you haven’t already…if you have…maybe you’ll reconnect with the spiritual feelings you experienced there. I encourage people who come to Sedona and Mt. Shasta to be open to connecting with the aspects beyond the beauty they see. Take the time to realize that everything you see is alive.

One way to do this is by honoring where you are walking by sending gratitude to the energies of the area. Often times you will be able to feel the response sent to you by the energies. They can be very playful at times. Take your time, for everything has the potential to speak to you; one just has to listen patiently.

Live in Love, Light, & Joy,
Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo